Photo Gallery – some achievements

The dear Maid of Sker. Treasured by the local community. Here she is before restoration in 2009, and after. She is now under threat of removal – She will be saved!

maid of sker pre-work

maid of sker post works


Action at the top of the start hill, Nerang BMX Club. I helped the Club develop a Master Plan, and invested funds in facilities such as the start hill and track re-alignment. The club is now a regular host of the Australian championship series. Local kids are cared for, trained, encouraged and positively developed.

BMX gates


At the opening of the Pacific Pines Football (soccer) club facility. I worked hard to secure significant ground improvements, irrigation and lighting, and the existing clubhouse – total expenditure for the facility was almost $2m.

PP Soccer opening


Central Park Pacific Pines. From plan to reality – the plan. From early on, a big part of my role has been to nurture the development of Pacific Pines whilst much of it was still old pine forest. I worked hard to try to secure good outcomes in the parks, retail facilities and standards of development.

Central Park plan… the reality – Ah the serenity!



In fact my role involved negotiating many outcomes that are now reality in Pacific Pines and Park Lake – here is an early plan of the main sporting facilities:

Pacific Pines parkland planning

and one of the Precinct Plans to guide the position of roads,  the distribution of housing styles, the location of shops and parks. All required careful negotiation and deliberate care for the future people that would cal this place Home!

Pacific Pines Precinct ND


At the opening of the Rotunda in Bischoff Park Nerang. This was implemented as part of the master plan that I led – which also included relocating the Maid of Sker, new pathways and garden areas, the historic Ceramic and Preece houses, and much more. Bischof Park is now the home of Nerang Celebrates Christmas.rotunda


At the opening of the new bridge to the Nerang Caravan Park – a hard won battle – not a Bridge Too Far!



At the opening of the Nerang Library – hard fought for outcomes ensure it is a much loved facility for the local community – inside and out.


Nerang library garden


Together with members of the Nerang fire and rescue station – I was proud to help secure an appropriate site and the development approvals for this vital facility.



The way Nerang looked .. oh my … how Lavelle Street looked before the streetscaping works I instigated:

lavelle street before upgrade

and after:Lavelle Street After


Lavelle Street markets – the first in the city (the only one in the city?) where a public street is closed. More hard work, more solutions out of the square. Putting the people first.

Nerang markets


The launch of the Your Bus service – which provided a pick up and delivery between people’s homes and the Pacific Pines shopping centre and Helensvale station. Yes – to your door!

YourBus launch 2Nov2010


Nerang swimming pool redevelopment. When everyone said we could not get a new pool, I led the community with a strategy that meant it became impossible to refuse – it is now recognised as one of the best short-course pools in South East Queensland.

Nerang Pool

… and after my further efforts it has an awesome shade structure!

Nerang pool shade


Re-development of the Nerang RSL – this project was almost refused – but I fought for it.



I was privileged to be a part of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Bid Committee – it was hard to contain the excitement when it was announced we had won! The objective for the Games is to help build the city – new infrastructure, new business opportunities into the future, new education opportunities – and to help change lifestyles of the city’s people to improved health and greater fitness.



I am a big fan of Aussie rules and together with Ron Clarke I was a strong proponent in the bid to secure the 17th AFL licence for our own team – now the Suns. This in turn helped our city secure much-needed Federal and State funding to go ahead with important city-building projects like the stadium at Carrara. Here is a shot during construction…

Metricon stadium build


The beautiful Nerang River – well worth protecting!

Nerang River


I like clubs that have great leaders! I was proud to provide support for the Nerang Cardinals baseball club and fund improvements including back-stop fencing and dugouts. Now the club is a regular host to the Pan Pacs involving teams from around Australia and the globe. But more importantly, the club places huge emphasis on developing the talents and self confidence of local youngsters – girls and boys – and nurtures them right through their playing careers.



Malcolm Turnbull once said to an audience of Councillors and Mayors that I was part of, “I am against Climate Change”. But as Mr Turnbull acknowledged, it is something we must take action about – to try to reduce its potential impacts, and to try to protect ourselves and our homes and infrastructure from potential damage caused by climate change – whether it be increased flood levels or more frequent fires. I was proud to lead the development of the Council’s highly acclaimed Climate Change Strategy and to be involved with this issue at a local, regional, State and Federal level.



Here’s the old Nerang gaol – I am told it was the second building erected in town – after the pub! A few years ago this incredible structure was in jeopardy and I took action to preserve it for safe keeping. It is now located at Nerang County Paradise and is being carefully prepared for public presentation. It may not look like much here but believe me, this is a wonderful piece of our history.

old nerang jail pre saved


I worked hard to secure funding for the Nerang skatepark – because I value young people. It is one of the best in the country – but don’t take my word for it. According to skatepark critics, it is:

“the only park in the country with a dwarf door which makes it a must stop. The door is in an open bowl section that also has an extension and small taco”


“Amazing skatepark with everything you would want from any park. Great flowing street course with multiple lines. Euro gaps, ledges and rails all very skate worthy. A fun keyhole bowl and a tech larger bowl section with carving gaps, over vert pool coping and speed lines”

See, I told you so!

Nerang skatepark 2

Nerang skatepark


Towards the end of Stockland’s run at Pacific Pines I ensured a greater level of contribution from them for community facilities – one project being Flooded Gum Park which is now the home of the Pacific Pines Junior AFL Club. The project delivered a high quality playing surface and irrigation. Subsequently I led a strategy to accumulate funds from Council, the AFL and the State Government that delivered a two story clubhouse – total cost $650,000.

Pacific Pines Junior AFL


I have taken a leading role in the City’s relationship with China – taking business delegations there and securing lucrative financial returns for local companies, and also developing strong ties with several cities in the south. My work resulted in the city establishing a sister-city agreement with Zhuhai – such agreements help foster trade, tourism, and education especially.



One of the things I treasure greatly is Nerang Country Paradise Parklands. I held off potential urban development of this site for many years, and finally secured Council’s support to purchase it. I led the strategic planning for the site and I fought hard that this entire facility be managed by a community association – this is unique in the City. Activities at the site include the Men’s Shed, Sheila’s Shack, awesomely abundant Community Gardens, music festivals, weekly markets, bush regeneration, Healing Hooves and much more. It really is Paradise!

Country Paradise visioning

Country Paradise gardens

Country Paradise view