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Donations and Expenditure

In the interests of accountability and transparency, I am today releasing details of donations received and expenditure made to date for my 2016 election campaign.

Donations are as follows:

date first name surname amount notes declarable?
27-Jan-16 Matt Lyons 20   no
29-Jan-16 Deborah, Gary and Tim Johnson 500   no
1-Feb-16 Ann Sutherland 500   yes
2-Feb-16 Ceris Ash 1000   yes
3-Feb-16 David Spain 200   tes
8-Feb-16 Irene & Lloyd McGuire 5000   yes
9-Feb-16 Alison Miller 30   no
10-Feb-16 Fundraiser   837 no receipts above 120 from any person no
10-Feb-16 Fevzo Budimlic 500   yes
11-Feb-16 Ben Brauer 220 auction – champagne yes
15-Feb-16 Trevor and Janice Cotterill 300   no
16-Feb-16 Wilson  Loango 130 auction no
17-Feb-16 Bruce and Nadine Ward 500   yes
18-Feb-16 Gregory Aroney 400   yes
21-Feb-16 Brett & Maryanne Lush 500   yes
22-Feb-16 Therese Kelly 100   no
24-Feb-16 B Yee 1000   yes
25-Feb-16 Susan Picton-Warlow 250   yes
6-Mar-16 Methven Sparks 1000   yes
  Sally Spain 300   yes
  Janis and Geoff Domelow 50   no
  Karen and Peter Young 2000   yes


The total sum received is approximately $15,400.

All of these donors are regular everyday people in our community who are my friends. There are no strings attached, no expectations of me – other than to do my best for the community. I am humbled by their trust and support and encouragement.


I believe that a declaration of expenditure is vital so people can see that there is no glaring deficiency and they can have confidence I have not received undeclared funds that have been spent on notepads and fridge magnets and enormously expensive mail campaigns.

A3 flyer $1518 A3 – DL x 15,000 copies
distribution of flyer $1233
A4 brochure $1900 second A3 – DL x 20000 – 2 versions
distribution $253 acreage only
Printing -letter of endorsement $200
interim How To Vote cards $257
How to Vote cards $650 30000
coreflutes $1600 100 @ 1200×900
coreflutes $613 25 @ 600×900
hats and embroidering $990
shirts and printing $1050
Sun ad $1200 page 11 1/4 page
The Local Newsletter ad $850 full page
Facebook advertising $400
stakes, ties, etc $300
misc incl food for volunteers, fuel $1,000
nomination fee $250
car sign $970
TOTAL  $   15,234


My second flyer was hand-distributed by volunteers to 13,000 homes.

Nerang – more detail for the future

Here is some further detail on proposed action throughout Nerang.  

It’s easy to remember – A B C D E.


Providing strong and experienced representation for the community – seeking better outcomes from the Federal and State governments in non-council issues such as mobile phone reception, high-speed internet, additional police officers at Nerang, 7-day Police Beat at Pacific Pines, improvements to State roads and significantly better public transportation.


Create the right economic environment for the revitalisation of the Nerang CBD. Much good work has been done on improving the presentation and character of the CBD. But Nerang has suffered from having the M1 slice through it, the railway station be positioned well away from the centre, and some quite poor town planning decisions. The economic activity is in fact spread through many locations. But the CBD provides the single best opportunity to create a strong and dynamic economic base. We need to deliberately create the right conditions in the town plan to progress a strong future that takes advantage of Nerang’s features – and one of those key advantages is its accessibility. This will be a major driver in the future, as growth towards the coast leads to continued congestion and gridlock. Businesses will want to relocate to Nerang. We need to act now to ensure we attract the right ones for the town and its people.

Expansion and improvements at the Nerang Bowls Club. It is my intention to do everything possible to support improvements and redevelopments at the bowls club, and to have it confirmed as a key training base for teams visiting from around the world when we host the Commonwealth Games. Before and after, the Nerang Bowls Club can build a strong reputation as an international class facility for training and competition – and the town can benefit through short and long term stays  and the positive kudos brought by such a facility.

Further improvements to the Nerang BMX Club and Nerang Cardinals Baseball Club. I have long been a champion of the BMX club, and I am very pleased that the early work done on planning and prioritising is realising great benefits. This is a tremendous club providing a lot of benefit to young kids around the local area. Importantly, too, it is now a venue for many national competitions. This is great for the local area in so many ways – for examples more income locally, and building a positive reputation for Nerang. Likewise the Cardinals Baseball Club is really coming of age, and due to improvements commenced by me it is now a host of international competitions such as the Pan Pacifics. This is tremendous for the local community – to see a good strong vibrant local club hosting games featuring teams from Japan and other Pacific nations. Both clubs will continue to improve their facilities with my support.

Further improvements at Country Paradise Parklands.  I was the instigator for this beautiful site to be purchased by Council. I held off potential development for housing estates for many years, knowing that it would provide such an enormously positive venue for strengthening the local community. I will support the Parklands and all the groups participating in this wonderful and uniquely community-run facility.

More carparking in the central area of Nerang for businesses and residents. Many existing commercial and residential developments are seriously short of parking to meet current demands. I have in the past successfully resisted the introduction of car parking meters in the CBD, and I have also funded the provision of additional car parking. Much more is needed. I will dedicate funds and secure additional funds for better parking arrangements that meet the needs of the working and residential community. And we do not want to see the Price Street carpark sold by Council. This is a big no!

Full restoration of the Maid of Sker paddle steamer. In 2003 the community rallied behind the Nerang Community Association in leading the salvaging of the old boat, which we were thankful had been brought to Nerang many years earlier, but which had fallen into a critical state of decay. A big project was mounted to save her, and this included relocating her to a much more prominent location near the street frontages. I was able to secure most of the funding for the restoration and relocation works. But time continues to take its toll and the Maid needs our attention again. It will cost a lot of money. But the Maid is a symbol of Nerang and epitomises the positive nature of the community – never give in, and keep steaming on. I will certainly be doing all I can to make sure the Maid stands proud.

Reinstating the character of the Coomera Valley at the incredibly over-engineered Guanaba Creek bridge. Ah – it is such a sad thing to see the old timber bridge removed. Granted, it was in a poor state of repair and vulnerable to flood. But the crossing of that bridge really signalled an entry to another discrete and secluded place. Now the bridge presents a characterless and sterile and unwelcoming entry to this part of the world. Work can be done to improve that character, and to provide public access to the river for picnics and recreation.


Bus shelters throughout our suburbs


Community Development (that’s C and D in one hit!)

Working hard to re-introduce the city-wide levy to ensure proper and ongoing funding for the Hinterland Rural Brigades, who protect urban and rural areas alike.

Ensuring ongoing funding for the Community Development Officers dedicated to Nerang and Pacific Pines – positions I instigated.

Providing increased funding for Nerang Celebrates Christmas, which I instigated, and additional funding for a vastly increased range of activities and programs aimed at seniors, youth, and families, to be delivered through existing facilities and clubs throughout the town.

Funding to provide road safety benefits.

Introducing services similar to the dial-up home pick up bus service (introduced by me in 2010 as Your Bus).

Support and encouragement for Crimestoppers and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.



Proper protection and enhancement of Nerang River and Nerang State Forest, and Saltwater and Coombabah Creeks.

Support for community-based environmental and riverine protection groups.


Pacific Pines – more detail for the future

Here is some further detail on proposed action in Pacific Pines.  It’s easy to remember – A B C D E.

Representing the community in the quest to secure better outcomes from the Federal and State governments with non-council issues such as mobile phone reception, a 7-day per week Police Beat, additional police patrols to counter hooning, and significantly better public transportation.

Taking strong action to build two lanes each way on Smith Street from Pitcairn Way all the way through to the M1.
Extending the left turn lane from Binstead Way onto the M1.
Strategically securing funding for lighting, fencing, kitchen and building improvement works at the Pacific Pines Junior AFL club.
Providing additional funding to the Pacific Pines Football Club for their planned and partly funded extension works.
Working with the Pacific Pines netball club to secure funding for improvements – possibly including lighting – for the new hard courts in Wajin Park.

Community Development
Ensuring ongoing funding for the Community Development Officer dedicated to Pacific Pines, a position I instigated.
Providing (at least) matching funding for the Pacific Pines Winterfest, and additional funding for a vastly increased range of activities and programs aimed at seniors, youth, and families, to be delivered through existing facilities including the Hub, Community Centre, and sports clubs.
Re-introducing the dial-up home pick up bus service (introduced by me in 2010 as Your Bus).
Funding to provide road safety benefits including securing a permanent speed indicator on Pacific Pines Boulevarde (the existing one is temporary).

Delivering works associated with the water quality of the lake in Central Park.
Proper protection and enhancement of Saltwater and Coombabah Creeks, and Nerang State Forest.
Proper implementation of the bushfire management plan for the numerous natural area parks, to protect residents and the environmental values.

Levy for Rural Fire Brigades

I give my unequivocal support for the re-introduction of a levy to ensure proper and ongoing funding for the Hinterland Rural Brigades.

I will be arguing in favour of this in the GCCC budget deliberations, and I will be encouraging all councillors to recognise the SUBSTANTIAL work all the brigades do for our community, not only in their local areas, but in fires affecting urban areas, as was clearly witnessed when fires threatened the Pacific Pines community.

I was always a supporter of meeting the funding needs of the brigades during my time as a Councillor, and I will be again. I am simply aghast to learn that the current funding scenario has left brigades exposed. This is untenable. I will fight for immediate change!


It is official!

Peter Young


Yes, I am a candidate in the March 19 Gold Coast Council elections!

I am running once again to represent the people of Division 5 after vacating that privileged position in 2012 to take up the challenge for Mayor of the city.

Since then I have been progressing complex export contracts for Australian products into China and other countries. This is challenging and rewarding but my heart and passion has always been for good government, and I have kept a keen eye on Council and what it is doing and achieving – good and bad.

I believe that this city desperately needs good leadership, and local communities need a fair go, and I am once again motivated to stand up and be a strong representative for the people of Division 5.

People know I am not a ‘yes man’, and that I am answerable only to the community. People know that I get things done – whether it be in your local street or park, or on broader issues such as rates and charges, or big ticket facilities for our community.

You can be certain I am an independent – I have never been a member of any political party and this gives me the best capacity to stand strongly and get the best results for the people of Division 5 and the city.

Here is a recent article from the Gold Coast Bulletin announcing my candidacy:  READ HERE

I hope you find the material in this website useful and informative.