Achievements With The Community

Peter developed and nurtured close relationships with many community groups and organisations. He identified needs, and developed strategies to deliver. He provided great leadership to help the community achieve very significant goals in very difficult economic and political circumstances. Here are some:

Peter was Involved at a senior and leading level in the development and progression of numerous key city-wide strategies and initiatives, including the light rail, Commonwealth Games, AFL stadium at Carrara, AFL licence for the Suns, Nature Conservation Plan, Light Rail Corridor Plan, Bold Futures, Strategic Plan for the city, and Climate Change Plan.

Peter held a special responsibility to foster positive connections with China. He developed strong personal relationships with key Chinese government and business personnel at the provincial and city level, he was the leader of many business and trade missions to China, and he conducted the negotiation of key agreements between Gold Coast City and Chinese cities to progress cooperation in business, education, tourism and cultural exchange.