Re-elect Peter Young as Gold Coast City Councillor for Division 5

Peter was born in Adelaide and travelled extensively in his late teens, whilst also taking subjects in Political Science and Human Geography at the Flinders University.

Aged 21 he moved to Sydney and continued studies at the University of Sydney, taking many subjects in Government and Public Administration, and Urban Geography. He graduated with a double-major in 1985.

Peter was employed at the NSW Road Safety Bureau from 1984-1995. He was a specialist geographer in a multi-disciplinary team of experts responsible for driving down the number and severity of traffic crashes.

In 1995 Peter moved to the Gold Coast and established his own company, providing consulting expertise in Geographic Information Systems to major government and corporate clients nationwide. He delivered award-winning solutions and significantly changed the efficiency and capacity of those agencies.

In 2000 Peter stood for election to the Gold Coast City Council. He was re-elected in 2004 with 61% of the vote, and in 2008 with 71% of the vote. He has enjoyed a significantly positive relationship with community and sporting groups, he has helped the community achieve significant outcomes including libraries and pools, he has defeated many awful development proposals and stood firm to secure change with many others.

Peter has never been a member of a political party, though he has been approached by at least six to stand for them at a State or Federal level. Peter truly values his independence and his allegiance remains with the people – first and always.

Peter does not take funding from property developers or those with vested interests. He has seen all too many times how elected representatives fail to represent the community when the interests of a political party or property developer take precedence.

In 2012 Peter vacated his safe seat on the Council and risked all in a Mayoral challenge. He believes that the office of Mayor is the single most important of any kind in the city, and he believes it should be occupied by a person of the highest ethical standards and leadership qualities. Peter was not successful in his bid, and since mid 2012 has stayed behind the scenes – but always intensely focused on the city and its people. He has remained active in serving the community, as Chairman of the Nerang Neighbourhood Centre and as a member of the Nerang Celebrates organising committee. He remains in close contact with positive, active people in the community who unselfishly continue to strive for better public parks and facilities, better planning decisions, and better representation.

Since 2012 Peter has also conducted high level business negotiations representing Australian companies in their bid to conduct exports to China and other countries. These are complex, difficult bids requiring the full application of his ethical standards, keen eye for detail, visionary outlook and inclusive philosophy.

We need some balance in Council – to deliver projects and outcomes that benefit local communities and the future of the city, and to protect our way of life. We need a caring representative who is experienced and can get straight onto the job. We need a strong representative of the people who can get results – lower rates, better facilities, better value for money. We need someone like Peter who will stand up and stand strongly. Peter has the vision, the energy, the drive and passion. He is a fully motivated and capable man.