Donations and Expenditure

In the interests of accountability and transparency, I am today releasing details of donations received and expenditure made to date for my 2016 election campaign.

Donations are as follows:

date first name surname amount notes declarable?
27-Jan-16 Matt Lyons 20   no
29-Jan-16 Deborah, Gary and Tim Johnson 500   no
1-Feb-16 Ann Sutherland 500   yes
2-Feb-16 Ceris Ash 1000   yes
3-Feb-16 David Spain 200   tes
8-Feb-16 Irene & Lloyd McGuire 5000   yes
9-Feb-16 Alison Miller 30   no
10-Feb-16 Fundraiser   837 no receipts above 120 from any person no
10-Feb-16 Fevzo Budimlic 500   yes
11-Feb-16 Ben Brauer 220 auction – champagne yes
15-Feb-16 Trevor and Janice Cotterill 300   no
16-Feb-16 Wilson  Loango 130 auction no
17-Feb-16 Bruce and Nadine Ward 500   yes
18-Feb-16 Gregory Aroney 400   yes
21-Feb-16 Brett & Maryanne Lush 500   yes
22-Feb-16 Therese Kelly 100   no
24-Feb-16 B Yee 1000   yes
25-Feb-16 Susan Picton-Warlow 250   yes
6-Mar-16 Methven Sparks 1000   yes
  Sally Spain 300   yes
  Janis and Geoff Domelow 50   no
  Karen and Peter Young 2000   yes


The total sum received is approximately $15,400.

All of these donors are regular everyday people in our community who are my friends. There are no strings attached, no expectations of me – other than to do my best for the community. I am humbled by their trust and support and encouragement.


I believe that a declaration of expenditure is vital so people can see that there is no glaring deficiency and they can have confidence I have not received undeclared funds that have been spent on notepads and fridge magnets and enormously expensive mail campaigns.

A3 flyer $1518 A3 – DL x 15,000 copies
distribution of flyer $1233
A4 brochure $1900 second A3 – DL x 20000 – 2 versions
distribution $253 acreage only
Printing -letter of endorsement $200
interim How To Vote cards $257
How to Vote cards $650 30000
coreflutes $1600 100 @ 1200×900
coreflutes $613 25 @ 600×900
hats and embroidering $990
shirts and printing $1050
Sun ad $1200 page 11 1/4 page
The Local Newsletter ad $850 full page
Facebook advertising $400
stakes, ties, etc $300
misc incl food for volunteers, fuel $1,000
nomination fee $250
car sign $970
TOTAL  $   15,234


My second flyer was hand-distributed by volunteers to 13,000 homes.